Past projects

Past projects

Geomorphic analysis of an active normal fault


Spectacular mountain front along the Aksehir normal fault.

Extension of the crust in southwest Turkey forms a series of normal faults whose slip rates and seismic hazard are not always well-known. I got involved in a project to study the activity of the Aksehir normal fault using a number of geomorphic indices that are easily obtained from digital elevation models.

Topal, S., Keller, E., Bufe, A., Koçyiğit, A. (2016). Tectonic geomorphology of a large normal fault: Akşehir fault, SW Turkey. Geomorphology, 259, 55-69. PDF

MSci project: The thermal aureole of the Skaergaard intrusion

Where hot, molten rock intrudes into the Earth’s crust, it heats up the surrounding country rock and leaves a metamorphic aureole. Studying the thermal evolution of the aureole can yield clues on the initial temperature and the rate of cooling of the surrounding rock. During my Master’s thesis, I used the cathodoluminescence of Quartz to measure the maximum temperature attained by rocks in the aureole of the Skaergaard intrusion in eastern Greenland – with implications on the thermal evolution of the intruded magma body.


Cathodoluminescence map of partly melted and recrystallized gneiss.

Bufe, N. A., Holness, M. B., Humphreys, M. C. S. (2014). Contact Metamorphism of Precambrian Gneiss by the Skaergaard Intrusion. Journal of Petrology, 55, 1595-1617. PDF